Sunday, June 5, 2016

Sew My Stash

My 2016 mantra was "Sew My Stash".........and believe it or not, i'm actually following thru and I can see some empty project bins, empty baskets and piles going down.  I will admit to purchasing some kits and yardage, i'm still human after all, but I made the decision to NOT shop for the 2nd half of the year if I can avoid it :)

I spent most of April and May sewing up baby quilts for all the new babies that are coming this year, both family and friends.  I sat and made a list for the 2nd half of the year of more projects and lucky for me, it's a short list.  

The first project on my list is a housewarming gift for one of my daughter's best friends.  She's been thru a lot the last 3 years but has landed on her feet and moved out of her family house this weekend. The move happened really fast so I didn't have time to plan ahead but never fear....I have a headful of ideas.   I'm using a black on white little tiny square for the background fabric and then pulling 2 inch strips from my "string bin" to make a very scrappy rectangle strip quilt....
I did all of the strip sewing and sub cutting one afternoon and then the next day I had the opportunity to sew, I started making 16 patch units.  I just kept throwing them up on the design wall and the last picture shows what I've got going now.  It measures about 65-1/2 inches wide by 37 inches which is about 1/3 of what I want it to finish at so I've got a whole LOT of more work to do.......
I'm going to work on this as my June Leader/Ender project so with luck i'm done mid July.

The LAST project I  bought before I decided not to shop for the 2nd half of the year is "SWISS" by Bonnie & Camille.......
I buy a LOT of my quilt kits from the girls over at Sewlux Fabrics on Etsy....She packages everything up so cute that you just can't wait for the next project to show up in your mailbox.

SWISS uses 12 red fat quarters with 1-1/4 yards of a solid white....It finishes at 56 X 64 and will be PERFECT for ME for my TV watching at night :)  Anyone that knows me KNOWS how much I love red.   I've got it all cut up and last night while watching Outlander, I got the 6-1/2 inch white strips sewn to the little red sides!!!  It's going to be a quick finish I think!  
The only thing I'm throwing around in the back of my head is making 1 of the PLUS blocks red just to add a little "something" to it and give it a little "Peggy Touch".......I'll keep you posted.

Well, since it's a pretty ugly day here I think I'll spend it in my room making blocks....anyone out there joining me?


Conni said...

You amaze me with all that you get done!! Lovin' the red Swiss! I've been finishing up a few Bonnie Hunter projects...had to buy border fabric to finish!

Sinta Renee said...

I love plus blocks! I haven't been able to decide on a color... of course you have to make red!!! I might have to make a series! ha