Friday, July 15, 2016

"HOMESTEAD" Revisited

Back over Memorial weekend I finished this quilt....

I LOVE this quilt and totally enjoyed making the blocks and assembling this top.

I didn't send it right out for quilting but finally did 2 weeks ago and then when it came back it just sat on a chair.  I don't like having un-bound quilts sitting around because when I am watching TV at night I have to keep my hands busy....and if I finish mid show, I need to know there is something ready to sew on.

I had my quilter use an "hourglass" type of design on it and I think it works nice.  It will crinkle up in the wash and still stay fluffy I think.

BUT, the question I had is "what do I bind it in?".  There is so much going on and the back is just a big floral that I almost thought it needed just a plain white.....NOW, that's something I haven't done in a LONG time!  White???????  

The white works and makes the back look neat but it's just so strange to use a solid white......

I have 2 more quilts that need bindings sewn on so i'm off to prep them.....I sure hope they'll be easier than this one.

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