Friday, February 17, 2017


Hi All......
Part of January and most of February have been spent sick..........  I worked in a school for 20+ years and never got sick.  Hubby and I retire and we decide to go to Florida where the livin is easy and the weather is beautiful in January/February and I come home so sick I spent almost a week laying around on the couch or in bed and another week getting back to normal.....YUCK!

The day we went to Cocoa Beach to see friends was the last day I was well.......The beach was beautiful and oh so relaxing!   Hubby and I were invited to a friend's winter retreat for the day and it made me want to pack up and move down........

So....sickness aside.....  A question about your sewing habits.  Do you limit your Block of the Months and Sewalongs?    
I was talking to some IG friends and I think the consensus on that is we start the year off telling ourselves "not to overdo it.  Pick one or two so you don't overwhelm yourself".

I'm doing 3 Block of the Months this year so far :)   I say so far because I have one on the horizon that I may or may not be strong armed into joining.

This first BOM is something I'd never thought I'd do.....start a Halloween quilt 10 months before the actual holiday LOL   I'm loving the fabrics for this one....  Month 1 is done and Month 2 came yesterday so i'm "caught up".

These two BOM's are both Fig Tree & Co.  One is their red/cream BOM and the 2nd is a sampler I'm presuming will be with a variety of fabrics from different fabric lines.  So far....all caught up on both :)

I'm taking a bag making class on Sunday.  I don't take many classes as I prefer sewing alone but I don't like making bags so I signed up for a class at my local quilt shop.  I'm off to cut the bag out and get organized for the class so I'm not behind.  I'll show pictures next week.....

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gailss said...

Hey Peg...sorry to hear you were sick your whole vacation but hope doing better. I also have a couple of BOM's and did say I wasn't going to over do either....hope I stay strong but always see something I really like and then into the thick of it!