Sunday, August 3, 2008

I'm Home

Hi girls,

I'm home from Florida and glad to be back.
It was fun seeing family and going up to Orlando
to the parks but I had enough of that heat to last
me a lifetime!!! I'm happy to be back in NJ with
my mountains of laundry and much cooler temps
I did 2 more of my Patchwork Party blocks this afternoon
and might just attempt one more since I have a few minutes.
These are going to make one great looking quilt when they're all done!!! Here is a picture of the first 6.
It's back to work for me tomorrow...........


Conni said...

Welcome Home, Peggy!!! Your blocks are great...of course!! Can't wait to see the finished top!

BusyLiz said...

Welcome home Peggy! Beautiful blocks. You're right, that is going to make a pretty quilt!

Marcie said...

Your blocks are so cool! Nice job Peggy!

Robin said...

great work on the blocks Peg! We gotta finish 'em before the NEXT Patchwork Party starts! LOL

Quiltinggirl said...

Love the blocks that you posted. And it's already time to go back to school? Wow! Hope you have fun. :o)

KCQuilter said...

Wowzer, I love the color scheme in this quilt!!!! It is going to be GORGEOUS!

Deb said...

Love these blocks girlfriend!