Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Gobble Gobble

I was going to start this post by saying "YAY...I started and finished a holiday project early", but in all truthfulness, I have to say that I started this project last November...after Thanksgiving!!!

Now, you might say "what the heck took this girl so long?" and all I can say is it's like hemming a skirt you just spent hours making...I hate the finishing parts. All I had to do is stuff this guy and he was done but I just kept putting it off....'s done and ready for this Thanksgiving... Now, if I could finish some holiday projects I started last year I'd be in heaven... So many projects, so few hours to work on them.


Conni said...

Awe! Isn't he cute!! I don't enjoy stuffing a turkey either!! As a matter of fact, I usually skip the stuffing altogether, and go straight for the mashed potatoes!! LOL!!! OK, very corny, but I couldn't resist!!

Michelle said...

LOL...he's just too darn cute! I liked Conni's comment made me laugh! :)

Laura-IH said...


Robin said...

he is just the CUTEST Peg!! Great job and done for THIS that's a great thing ;)