Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A Good Mail Day

I had a banner mail day......actually, it was 2 banner days. I received these 2 cute candy corn hot pads from Robin the other day but couldn't blog about them because Michelle's birthday package went MIA with her cornies in it so I had to wait.

Then today, I'm sitting here all bummed out 'cause I haven't gotten mail in a few days and when I got up to go to the kitchen I saw the UPS man out front pulling away. Now, they always ring the doorbell and I know mine didn't ring so I didn't think I had anything.... WRONG!!!I'd ordered one of Deb's Witchee Annies from CucaDeb's blog.....isn't she cute?
And I also got a book from Amazon that I ordered on Sunday and 2 of my Thimbleberries kits...
I'm a happy camper tonight. The Pint Size Traditions kit is called NORTHERN LIGHTS, using a lot of great new fabrics. My Room by Room kit is Lynette's Sangria Splash runner using her new fall line... NICEY!!!
The book at the left is called "Seams to Me" by Anna Maria Horner. It's not really a quilting book, it's 24 assorted sewing projects from a doggie bed to an apron to a baby ball play toy.
It's a really nice book and Anna Maria uses a lot of her own fabrics so all the projects are super cute!


Laura-IH said...

Cute! I love those candy corn hot pads! And that witch is adorable!

I'll keep an eye out for those books when I get to the craft store. I always like getting some new ideas!

mamaspark said...

Those candy corns are just the cutest ever!!Thanks for sharing them.

Robin said...

Cute witchy annie, Peg! You gotta lotta nice mail there girlie!