Sunday, December 21, 2008

Feeling Much Better

My hand was feeling much better today, so much so that I made 2 things for the 1/1/09 Winter Giveaway..... I can't show a picture now but stay tuned for New Years Day where everyone involved will be able to start posting pictures....

I did finish off the last 2 bags that I needed for gifts this week. The one on the right is either japanese or chinese shoes for my daughter, and the one on the left is made from some Moda fabric I had in my stash, and my sister Pattiann will be getting this one in her Christmas basket on Thursday.

I thought I'd have time tonight to start a table runner for Valentine's Day from this Jeri Kelly book I bought a while back but I didn't wash the fabric so that will have to wait until next week since I just put the fabric in the washer now.
There is a table runner for each month along with directions for 4 coordinating place mats.
If memory serves me correctly, this may be a BOM thru "Quilt Something" but I'm not doing the BOM, I just bought the book and fabric for the February runner.
Hubby just texted me from Giant's Stadium to say it's "cold" there.....No way would I be sitting in a football stadium on a cold Sunday night watching men I don't know playing football......
And how was your Sunday?


Red Geranium Cottage said...

Great job on the little bags!!

Anonymous said...

I want one of these little bags!
A question -- Peggy, is the fabric is pre-quilted, or are you quilting it on your machine first???

Katie said...

LOL I sat thru 3 years of football games in high school (band) and never understood the game or why people like to sit out in the cold and freeze!

Love the little bags. :-)

Christie said...

Peg...what's this business about a 1/1/09 giveaway and how do I get in on it?!
FYI--I'm back so come on over and visit the blog!

Laura-IH said...

Those little bags are so cute, Peggy!

Isn't it the worst when you want to do a project and you haven't washed your fabric? I could just kick myself when that happens!

Anonymous said...

I don't mind a bit of puckering, sort reminds me of vintage quilts. So I've quit washing fabric before using it. I know that's not recommended and it's practically a quilting sacrilege, but it works for me.