Sunday, December 7, 2008

I haven't gotten much sewing done this weekend but I am getting stuff done around the house.
Thankfully ,the board of health won't shut me down this week...I cleaned all 3 bathrooms and dusted, vacuumed and did all the sheets in the house since the kids are back at college and the oven is cleaning as we speak.....I also set up my Christmas Tree (no lights or ornies yet) I put out my Christmas Friendship Star table runner
that Michelle made me a few years back, I hung the Christmas wall hanging Robin made for me in 2004, and I ironed the table cloth for the dining room table and put that on.

I flip flopped the quilt I have over the back of my couch this morning.
I had a Civil War top over back that I did a lot of years ago (no, I can't look at the quilt back because I didn't label it) and I folded that and put a green and red top on the couch for the holiday season.

When I took my pile down to get the green and red one, I realized that I've kept more of my own quilts than I've given away....

The top 2 are the ones I just bound last week, then I have a friendship star 30's from the BPF retreat girls (a block swap at retreat) then a purple from Robin, a "Louisiana" done in Pat Sloan fabrics from a PAQ swap and then my king size Civil War top.
I am hoping for a quilt rack for my birthday on the 22nd so I can display these quilts better......but for now, they sit on the shelf and we use them as we need them.
How's your weekend been?


Michelle said...

Love that stack of quilts Peggy! I think they look good just like that, but a quilt rack would be nice too! :)

Laura-IH said...

I like the quilts all stacked up, too. They look so cozy!

Anonymous said...

Wow, when you get stuff done around the house, you really mean it! Love the stack of quilts too.