Monday, May 31, 2010


Nervous? Me nervous???? Just a little bit! See this------------------------>
My 21 year old is sitting in Kennedy Airport right now waiting to board a flight to go see the Eiffel Tower for 27 days! I think I'd be a little more nervous if she were alone but she's going on a tour with Fashion Merchandizing students from all over the area and will be studying as well as touring so I'm not as nervous as I would have been otherwise.
I've never been to Paris but this will be the 2nd daughter to go. The other one went for a haircutting and coloring class about 5 years ago and loved it.


Pat said...

I'm sure your daughter will have a wonderful time and will have many fun stories to tell you and nice pictures to show you, too!

Cardygirl said...

I hope your daughter has a safe & fun trip.

Conni said...

What a great opportunity for your daughter! Thank God for cell will still be able to keep in touch with her if need be!!

Red Geranium Cottage said...

Well I think it's about time you take a trip yourself! How exciting for her but I'd be nervous as a mom too.