Saturday, May 22, 2010

Retreat 2010

I had a ball at retreat AGAIN this year. The 13 hour drive from NJ with Robin is grueling but the minute we get to the hotel the night before the fun starts, all that traveling is a distant memory....the drive home on the other hand is still fresh in my mind!!! LOL

I got a couple of projects finished and ready for quilting. One is a red/white/turquoise top. I had hoped to make it full size but my starting squares were undersized so I ended up with something that a little girl could use. I also did a flannel quilt for my daughter's boyfriend's brother and a red/white & blue top that I will donate to our school in September for raffling off.

We also had a guest appearance by Laura's friend Pepe.....And, last but not least, I got lots of gifts from the girls and brought home quite a few new pincushions this year...

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Anonymous said...

I say Pepe wins the best-dressed attendee. New scarf and new hat...geesh, none of us got new stuff made just for us. But when you're that cool, not much left to say.