Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Polka Dot War Begins

WELL...I think I've been challenged by Vickie....I guess we have to let the polka dot wars begin!!!

Yes Vickie, I have glasses with red polka dots, napkins with dots, and a little snack plate that I have on the table next to me when I am sewing while I watch tv. I can sit my hot cuppa tea on it and the loose threads and such get put on it too...easy clean up at the end of the night :)

And I know you have one of these too, but I HAD to show it :) I always bring my own shopping bag anywhere I go so now I have the best looking one around. Ain't it purty?


Robin said...

Love the dots Peg!! OK Vickie...who's gotta be the reigning polka dot queen here? LOL I think the gauntlet has been thrown!

Liz said...

You've got me thinking Peg. I wonder how many polka dots I have around my house? Okay, I might have to get my camera out and blog about it. :o)