Tuesday, December 28, 2010

New Light

I thought I'd share a picture of a lamp with a magnifying window for us ahem "over 50's" that want to still do embroidery but are having a little trouble seeing the lines on our pieces. My son gave me this for Christmas and lemme tell you....it's good!!! Can you see the little flip up door?
You don't have to use it but this here girl will!

Here's a link to the shop where it was purchased for anyone that want to know:


Anonymous said...

I'm really interested in this (since I'm W-A-Y over 50 ;). What brand is it? I have a tabletop Ott light that I like, but it doesn't magnify; so I also have an inexpensive magnifying lens on a little stand next to the light. But two stands take up space and get in my way. It would be great to have both things in one stand.

Anonymous said...

Me again, what is the flip up door? A super spot magnifier, perhaps?