Sunday, February 20, 2011

Catching Up

Yes, I'm catching up with all my monthly commitments!!!
I did the monthly minis yesterday, and even got myself ahead of schedule, i'm catching up on my embroidery project "Snow Days" and today I pulled out booklet #1 of the "Hometown Christmas" and caught up with that. The deadline Michelle has us on has us finishing #1 by 2/28 so I'm on schedule.
Here's what we had to do........
The birds gave me a little bit of a fit but once I got them laid out they went together nice and easy and do look super cute don't they?

I'm having some computer issues today with my comma, question mark etc...I dusted underneath but they're still not working right....any ideas?


Yvette said...

OOH! I really do love those blocks you had laid out. It looks like you knocked a lot out this week too.

Anonymous said...

Very cute, Peg. You dusted under your computer? You might have dislodged something, or maybe your computer misses the dust. ;)

The Other Barb said...

really liking this Hometown Christmas project. The birds are cute :)