Friday, February 18, 2011

Happy Friday

Yes, it is a happy Friday here in NJ. No work, it's 63 and sunny and I finished another quilt.
I blogged about the Buckeye Blocks last week and showed a picture of them laying on the floor, but I didn't have enough blocks to finish it so I set to work this week making more blocks, laying them back out on the floor to see if I liked how they looked and then I sewed them into rows. Last night I got the rows assembled and the neutral border around the entire top. This afternoon after errands and lunch I got the red border on and pictures taken.

I am very happy with how this top came together. I didn't have to trim or fudge any blocks whatsoever. I just laid em out and sewed em up....Here's a picture of the finished top laying on my design floor :) Sure wish I had a design wall but since that's not happening anytime soon I will settle for the floor.


The Other Barb said...

very nice ~

Anonymous said...

I agree, a very striking design! I also have a design floor. ;)


I LOVE my design floor!! I LOVE what you did with your blocks!!