Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A UFO Finish or so I thought

I really am trying to clean up some old UFO's and not start on new projects....So, I have been putting binding on finished quilts and at night instead of doing my Snow Days embroidery, I'm tacking down binding. This quilt called Meadowsweet is a duplicate of one I made back in May. The original I gave to the social worker in school when she had a fire in her house but since I loved it so much and had some leftover fabrics I remade it and got the polka dot binding on last night. WELL, guess what ? This quilt was NOT on my UFO list! How the heck did that happen??? Oh well, it feels good to have it finished and now I can move onto a real ufo project from the list. (better put my glasses on to be sure this time LOL)


Laura-IH said...

LOL! I found myself thinking, "What's on my UFO list?" the other day. It's sad to have so many UFOs that I can't remember them all! : )

Stephanie said...

Pretty quilt. Love all of those polka dots.

Appalachian Quilts said...

Cute quilt! I refuse to discuss UFO lists! LOLOLOL