Saturday, March 12, 2011

Hometown Christmas Update

Yes, I'm still working on this one...keeping to the schedule Michelle has us on (and I only needed 1 reminder that it was time to start the next r
ound :)
We finished Booklet 1 last month. Booklet 2 has 3 units in it too....

The color is way off on this picture! The sky is blue and the fence is tan and gold :)
Once I finish Section 3 and 11 (no, they don't have you sew in order) I will take a picture of what I have so far.....

Florida was fun last week. Spent 3 days in Naples with my family and then hubby, Sarah and I drove to Orlando for 3 days and spent an evening with his brother and a friend. That was nice too because we ate in Epcot in China and then stepped outside and got to see the awesome fireworks they put on. I tried taking pictures but they turned out awful!

It was back to work on Monday and then the onslaught of the nasty weather here in NJ. I'm thankful that we live in the southern portion of the state and far, far away from the flooding of Northern NJ.

Prayers go out for the people in Japan who have the earthquake and Tsunami to deal with.

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