Sunday, March 20, 2011

National Quilting Day Project

Here is a picture of what I did on National Quilting Day. I am going to retreat with a bunch of friends in May and we not only bring our own projects to work on, we bring a charity quilt for a women's shelter. We typically donate a dozen or more depending on how productive we are leading up to the retreat.
This year, I took a bunch of 30's blocks from an online swap I did probably 4-5 years ago, added a red print border, used a yellow and white square backing that I pieced from my stash and then I used the leftover backing fabric for binding...did a LOTTA stash busting for this.

I've never been able to master meandering but I do like to do cross hatching on my small projects but this one was bigger than usual and I got tired of doing it so you'll notice I only went one direction....which, in person looks pretty cool!
It finished up to 41-1/2 by 56, which will make a really nice lovey for some little girl at the shelter......

Today i'm not going to be able to do to
o much sewing.....hubby got 6 Elton John tickets for Madison Square Garden so him and I, his brother from Florida (ye
s, he flew up for the concert), my youngest daughter (she drove down from Rhode Island on Friday) and my oldest daughter and her boyfriend (they drove up from Maryland) are going. We'll h
ave dinner at Carmine's in NYC first then walk over to the Garden!!!
Full report tomorrow.....

Have a wonderful Sunday!



Peggy said...

I was at Madison Square Gardens on Friday for the hockey game and we ate at Harrington's. Really nice restaurant down from MSG.
Enjoy the concert.

Conni said...

Cute quilt, Peg! Enjoy your concert.

Barbara said...

Pretty quilt, and I always love those 30s fabrics.