Monday, March 21, 2011

Only in New York

Only in New York do you see these huge skyscrapers next to signs with zippers and buttons................................ I did see the huge button with the needle down in the garment district but with so many of us walking and looking all different directions I didn't want to stray and end up being left behind :)

We did see a Michael Jackson lookalike singer with his backup band and singers dancing outside a bank I think it was by the HERSHEY store, but we were anxious to get to "CARMINES" for dinner (sorry, no foodie pictures) and then to Madison Square Garden to see Elton John.
The show was good...heard a bunch of the oldies but goodies but also heard some new songs from the new album with Leon Russell and also a guest appearance by Gregg Allman. Neither of the guests are favorites of mine but as they say "when in Rome" I sat and listened and actually enjoyed the Leon Russell stuff! Who knew? LOL
Not a great picture of Elton, but trust me, that was him :) A nice time was had by all, especially after 2 large pitchers of sangria...enough said !!!


Barb said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time!!

Anonymous said...

Elton is coming to our neck of the woods soon, would you give his show a high recommendation?
I adore NYC, especially the bakeries and restaurants!!!