Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Is this for real?

Is this for Real? If it is, it's unbelievable !!
My daughter LOVES Pinterest and is always finding interesting things so the other night when she called for me to come check it out, I thought I'd find sparkly shoes, a new cake/cookie recipe or even a picture of a vampire...but no, this is what she showed me.

I think if I was playing against this person I'd have a little self esteem issue about now LOL

Do you play Words with Friends? What was your highest one time score? I haven't played that long so I don't have anything up in the high double digits...maybe 50-56? I'm aiming high though :)


Pen Pen said...

I don't know... my hubby is the words with friends player at our house. I can't wait to show this to him! :o)

Robin said...

I've seen scores that high but not my own of course :) LOVE the halloweenie theme!!