Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Taking a walk down Easy Street

As previously posted, I am participating in Bonnie Hunter's mystery "Easy Street".  I took a picture today of the fabrics I am using and in true form, I'm doing the mystery in the exact colorway Bonnie suggested.
I figured that way, if she says "green" I won't grab orange, in case I changed it up a little.....
I had everything in my stash except for the "constant" fabric, which is a grey, and I did order some black on whites to add to what I have already, but they haven't come yet.  I think the mail being re-routed because of Hurricane Sandy is holding my new stuff up, but I have plenty as you will see, to start the mystery.

The first step is being posted Friday.  I will be away most of the day but I'll print it off and may even get to start it.  Saturday is a baby shower, so I won't get much done then either....but Sunday is MINE so I'll be sure to get to cutting.
I think the colorway is AWESOME and can't wait to get started!

Are you doing the mystery?  What colorway are you doing?


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Ann-Maree said...

Hi Peg..Love your fabric choices! I am doing the same but I am changing the grey constant to a hot pink....fingers crossed it will be OK..but teenage daughter expressed a positive opinion when she saw them altogether.....