Saturday, March 9, 2013

The Week in a Nutshell

I had quite a busy week trying to get a baby quilt assembled for a co-worker's first grandbaby that's due in July.  You might say, why rush? Well,I realized after talking to my BFF Michelle, who is also my "quilter extroadinairre" that in the next 8-10 weeks or so she'll be packing up the machine and taking off to her husband's next assignment so the push is on to get anything I need this summer done and ready early.  The quilt did in fact get done but I didn't get the backing prepped so I haven't gotten it to her "YET" but I hope to mail it out this week so she can do it at her leisure....
I also need another quilt for around the same time for one of my daughter's best friend's so last night and today I started working on that one.  With luck, I can get both quilts out to Michelle before the week is over.

THEN....yesterday I had the opportunity to meet up with Michelle again and we took a road trip to the Lancaster, Pennsylvania area.  It was snowing like crazy when I left New Jersey, but this is what I drove into as I went over the Delaware Memorial Bridge.  A little bit of clouds, but by the time I pulled into the Christiana Mall where I met Michelle, the sun was out, and stayed out all day.  It was cold...but the sun was definitely out!

While there we visited 4 shops and let me tell you,
I had quite a day for myself.  The old credit card was smoking by the time I left to go home.

One of the shops had full bolts reduced to a ridiculous price so I walked out with 3.  The bottom one is a red that I've already washed and cut into for a workshop I'm attending at the end of the month.  The other 2 bolts each have 8 or 9 yards on them and since they're both cute dots I will use them for backings for baby quilts or some charity tops.  Most of what I did buy are all for planned projects.    Michelle and I had a great time chatting and catching up while we drove all over the place.  I sure will miss that girl when she moves this summer! the meantime I'm not going to get sappy because we have a 2 day workshop with Pat Speth on March 25th and 26th and then in May we're heading to Indiana for 5 days of sewing with a bunch of friends and I'm sure we'll have a little shopping time thrown in there too...........
How was your week?


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floribunda said...

I love that fabric with the bees -- min fact I bought a piece about ten days ago when I was out shopping with my sister! What do you have planned for yours?