Saturday, February 14, 2015

Just a Quickie

     Just a quickie for this Valentine's Saturday.  Do you make a big deal about this holiday?  We tend to go low key on it.  We tend to exchange cards and a little box of candy.  After celebrating our wedding anniversary in mid October then Christmas and both of our birthdays, we just keep things simple.  This year I made chocolate cupcakes with homemade buttercream frosting with coconut sprinkled on top and gave hubby his favorite peanut M&M's....well, I got a cute card, a box of Hershey's chocolates and a Volkswagon Lego kit....What a great surprise!

     Last night we had a nice dinner out at a local italian place because we knew today every place would be crazy. After a relaxing day home today we decided to take a drive to Five Guys and had awesome burgers and fries.  

        Today I caught up with my Moda Building Blocks Quilt Along blocks.
February was an easy one, 6  6-1/2 inch blocks.  I'm connecting all the blocks each month so at the end and with only 2 months left to go, I'll be done and ready for quilting.

I don't have a favorite but I am partial to the Sawtooth Star and the Friendship Star takes a close second.  

There is 1 36 inch block left with a bunch of 6-1/2 inchers.....

And, a post of mine these days wouldn't be complete without an Olivia picture

She just gets cuter and cuter.......but I might be biased :)


Carolyn said...

Your cupcakes sound super yummy! I'm spending the day with Maggie and my sister came over and made me dinner.
Olivia is so cute in her Valentines outfit!

gailss said...

Such a cutie and happy little angel .....who could not want to give her big Valentine kisses....

Conni said...

LOVE the Lego set! And, of course, Miss O is adorable!

The Other Barb said...

We do a low key Valentine's Day too. Flowers for me. Chocolate covered jellies for Fred & a take-out Italian dinner the night before. Love the Legos! And of course little Olivia is so cute~