Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Women of the Bible

     Stitchin Tree Quilts in Marietta, Georgia has a free program called "Women of the Bible".  Every other week they post 2 blocks in their newsletter.  I was keeping up at the beginning but got a little bit 8 blocks behind.  I decided yesterday that I'd get to them by dinner time tonight....and I did.

The blocks each have a name relating to a particular woman in the bible....and very few I remember from my Catholic school days.  
Top Left is Jephtah's Daughter  Top Right is Asenath
Bottom Left is Miriam    Bottom Right is Deborah

Top Left is  Jael     Top Right is Tamar
Bottom Left is Rahab  and Bottom Right is Potipher's Wife

Each pattern comes with a story about each woman so I'm sewing and learning at the same time.

And can I just say, this girl turned 3 months old over the weekend....

How cute is she?????????

And our Luna is getting tired of the snow....there's so much snow that when she goes out for a walk, she can't sniff every bush, tree, piece of grass etc  in sight...  She's said she's seen enough!!

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marilyn holley-stupka said...

Hi Peg, I just stumbled on your blog while looking for pictures of Women of the Bible quilts because I'm trying to decide on colors for mine. I love the fabrics you have shown, have you done the other blocks? If I may correct your post, Little Quilts in Marietta is posting the patterns but the designer is Stichin' Tree in Goshen, IN.