Thursday, July 2, 2015


     I've asked before but I'll ask again....Do you Leader/Ender while you're sewing?
I remember about 11-12 years ago at a quilt retreat I went to I heard 2 of my BFF's talking about what they were doing with their Leader/Enders and I was thinking in my head "what are you talking about?".   I did ask and got an explanation but I truly didn't "get" the whole thing so I didn't jump on the bandwagon.  I must also admit that I don't ALWAYS do it now either but I have a few projects I'd like to make that call for lots of small scrappy blocks so I have been doing some cutting and sewing.....

        I found a quilt on a blog and sent my friend Robin the link to it and asked her if she could "hook me up" thru her quilt program.  This mock up is probably 8 years old and has been used to make 2 quilts so far......with # 3 in the works.  

I have LOTS of 2 inch kona snow squares and every quilt I've made over the last couple of years has a scrap of it cut up waiting to be incorporated into this top.  

I recently took all my pieces and assembled 4 blocks with 100 squares in each block.
This was my long term project until this week.............

Bonnie Hunter announced her 2015 Leader/Ender Challenge.....TUMBLERS!
I love little tumblers!

I remember back in December or January I'd seen a McCalls Quilting Magazine with a Civil War like tumbler quilt on the cover so I started using my Go Cutter with scraps and figured I'd make one just like the magazine.  Well, one project led to another and the tumblers got put away and forgotten about  

I have a great variety of tumblers to use for the challenge so I'll work on them for now.  
Do you Leader/Ender?

And here's 7 month old Olivia.....cute huh?


Lorraine said...

Hi there Peg, Yes I always use leader/enders when sewing small patches together, also when joining H/S & 1/4 square triangles. In fact I tend to use them quite a lot whatever I'm doing. It stops the very pointy bit of the triangle or first corner of small patches from being dragged down into the needle bed and causing a machine jam or tangle causing you to stop sewing to take out all the threads from below, something I find very frustrating!
Hope this helps

Christine said...

I do and I'm looking forward to the tumbler challenge as well. Although I might get sidetracked with another project I have started.

Conni said...

I use them! But, somethimes I get side tracked with the L/E project and end of working on it instead of the other project!!! I have 2 tumbler projects ongoing, so maybe I will pick one and use it for the challenge. I have been able to cross off several UFO's lately...they are quilted, bound, and labeled!!

Connie said...

I must admit that I have no idea as to what you are talking about. Maybe if I would take a class or two. No, I don't want to do that. My quilts are fun to make and I have no rules, no patterns, no restrictions . . . nothing but enjoyment. I'm afraid if I got with a group of quilters and started learning how to do it right . . . that I might loose my passion. Have you ever felt that way?
Keep smiling and having fun!
Connie :)

Peggy said...

I join 2 inch squares for my leaders and enders and that way I have a lot of 2 inch squares ready to make a scrap quilt and only have half as many to sew together when the time comes. I hope that makes sense.