Friday, July 31, 2015

Red Sky at Night QAL

   Are you following "Tales of Cloth" with her Red Sky at Night Quiltalong?  I am and I love all the blocks we have done.

   Last week's block was called "Lady of the Lake".

The Lady of the Lake originates from the Middle Ages, a character starring in the myths of Merlin and King Arthur. She was as bewitching and mystical as the name suggests, yet her personality is split. In some versions of the legend, she used Merlin's infatuation with her to learn his magic, then traps him inside a stone, in others, she represents justice and wisdom and is the one to give Arthur his sword. Lord Alfred Tennyson rewrote these myths in Idylls of the King.

In 1810, Walter Scott wrote the poem, The Lady of the Lake that drew on the old legend. It became hugely successful through the 1800s, and is believed to be the inspiration behind the quilt block that was first published in 1900.

     This week's block is called "Prairie Queen".  

I found it interesting when I looked up the use of the term Prairie Queen to find that it didn't refer to youth or beauty or some kind of pageant, but to female leaders, the significant women running their households, providing for their families, creating heirlooms, and contributing to the community through their churches or charity groups.

Jodi researches the blocks and why they are called what they are.  

I'm anxious to see how all these red blocks will look when they're all set together.

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