Wednesday, August 19, 2015

A Baby Quilt Finish

    I have a lot of finished quilts that I keep set aside for gifts but when I looked thru them recently I really didn't have the "right" one for a friend's first baby.  I was in the middle of making something else so when I finished that I realized that I needed to get a move on and get something going.

     I have a lot of kiddie-like fabric so that wasn't an issue, I even have a lot of pink to make it gender appropriate but this friend is not all "pink-like" so I went looking for some HST's or 4 patches that would work.

Here's what I came up with.....a basket of some sewn and pressed hst's, some matched up but not sewn, and a few rows pinned together!  That made my decision much easier!

I spent Sunday and Monday trimming all of these and arranging them on my design wall till I had them laid out just right.

I sewed all day Monday and Tuesday and then last night I finished and sandwiched it all......

Since I didn't have time to send it out to my favorite quilter, I did some straight line quilting thru the white part of the squares.   I had a big piece of that alphabet flannel in my stash that I'd picked up from my local shop and then found the red and pink stripe mixed in my red bin that I used for binding.   It was a quick but fun project!  

I still have lots of HST's left over that might just get made into a few more quilts in the next few weeks....  My "TO DO" list has 4 more babies on it that will need quilts between now and the end of the year......  

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floribunda said...

so cute! I love making baby quilts. (I don't know anyone having babies... my friends are all too old (ha ha) and their kids are all waiting.)