Monday, September 8, 2008

Happy Birthday Sarah

Happy Birthday Sarah!!!

My baby turns 20 tomorrow, Tuesday, September 9th! I don't understand how I could possibly have a 20 year old....I'm not sure I'm old enough :)

This will be the first time we are not together on her birthday since she's in Pennsylvania and we are in NJ but hubby and I will take a ride up to Penn late Friday night and then we'll pick her up and take her for breakfast Saturday morning and then spend the day at Hershey Park.

Oh, BTW, the picture at the left is me with my oldest, Jen, and the birthday girl in white... I'll miss you Sarah, but we'll see you soon....Have the bestest day!!!!

Love MOM


BusyLiz said...

Happy Birthday to your daughter Peggy. She shares a birthday with my hubby. Though he's far from 20!!! lol

Robin said...

Happy b'day Sarah!!! but surely Peg, all your kids MUST be adopted 'cause you couldn't POSSIBLY be old enough to have 3 20-somethings! Did you start when you were 10???? LOL

Conni said...

Happy Birthday, Sarah! Peggy, your girls are so pretty!!

Milah said...

Hey Peggy! Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. I love that picture of you in that bib chair! That is so cool! I'll drop by again, hopefully you'll update soon. Blessings