Saturday, December 5, 2009

An Early Christmas Present

I LOVE getting early presents for ANY holiday so when I came in from work the other day and found a priority box out front I really got excited. After seeing that it was from my friend Christie in Fort Knox, Kentucky, I knew I couldn't open it right away because I hadn't mailed her gift yet. Some of the girls I go to retreat with in Indiana decided to do a one on one holiday swap with a $20 limit....Now, you know with a $20 limit you have to be creative and I think Christie was. I had a hard time sticking to the limit because everything I saw I wanted to buy..... So, I finally opened my box this morning because I shipped my box out Priority earlier today. Here's what I got.
Christie's without a sewing machine right now so I got a purple knitted or crocheted scarf (i'm not sure which it is) plus some candy, fabric, a tea mug filled with candy, a ME journal and a skinny santa. I'm thrilled with what I got so a big THANK YOU goes out to Christie....See you in May at retreat girlfriend!!!!


Robin said...

LOL great gifties Peg!!! How did she know that you like Pez???? very nice assortment of gifties and great handmade scarf too!!

The Other Barb said...

I'll be glad to share the Almond Joy with you :)
That was a nice gift package to receive.

Anonymous said...

Seems someone knows you like candy!
The scarf is perfect for the weather you and I are having in south Jersey right now.

Helen said...

Hi Peg, I've just discovered your blog.... great! and funny! I love the idea of friends doing a one on one gift swap. I also belong to a group of 4 - called Four Friday Friends and I'll be suggesting we do something similar.

I think your box of goodies from your friend is just fantastic. I'm thinking the candy is a MUST HAVE when you sew, you just don't have time to actually make lunch! or dinner sometimes!!

Happy Sewing from Australia,

Pat said...

What a fun package. I love the color of that scarf, too!

Laura-IH said...

Isn't Christie the bomb? I just love her!