Saturday, December 19, 2009

The final 2 finishes for 2009

I think these might be the final 2 finishes for 2009....I think, I'm not sure since there are 12 more days left.........First we have a little tabletopper I made this afternoon. I know I have one that I've used in the past but for the life of me I can't find it so when my daughter asked me the other day when I was going to put the red, white and blue one away and pull out something Christmasy I realized that it was missing and I'd have to make something else. My creative juices weren't flowing so it's just simple but I like how it looks and it goes great on the coffee table.

Then I put the last 2 rows on this quit that is called "Picture This" from the HAPPY HOUR book by Atkinson Designs. I had a fat quarter packet of all these black/white/turquoise fabrics and when I cleaned out my cabinet I found a lot more so I made the quilt in Queen Size and will give it to my daughter for her birthday on May 1st. It feels good to have a jump on a birthday present when I should be worrying about Christmas presents but heck, a gift's a gift....

Once I get it quilted I'll get a better picture of it.
I didn't have any "quilt holders" to help hold it up so I had to take what I could get and just lay it out on the floor.

Now to clean up my sewing room and put all the scraps in the bin, fabric away and shut the iron down.

How's everyone enjoying their weekend?


Anonymous said...

Your final finishes with 12 days to go? Not you Peg, I predict at least a couple more posts before the end of 2009. You work so fast, the table topper is far from "simple" to me. Looking forward to the finished birthday quilt photo!

The Other Barb said...

I like the "picture this" quilt. I keep wanting to "study" it.
Nice to have something started for a May BD.
Like the table topper too.