Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year to EVERYONE!!! Since the 3 kids were all going out last night hubby and I went out to dinner, which was delish and then headed to the movies. It's always such a surprise to see just how many people actually do go to the movies on New Years Eve instead of partying. We saw "AVATAR", which was ok...Should have gone to Blind Side, which was my first choice but I left Al on line to purchase the tickets while I visited the ladies room so he picked. I am curious to see other people's reaction to the movie now.

We took the lights down from outside the house, took the ornies off the tree and I took some of the house decorations down, not all, just some. I'll finish putting the house back to normal tomorrow.

Sarah goes back to college Sunday morning so I'm wrapping up a load of her laundry and sewing, and making some nice progress on the CobbleStones quilt top. The bottom row is just placed next to the one above it right now but that will get sewn on soon. 2 more rows of lattice and 1 more row of blocks and the center part is done. It gets a thin border of a darker pinkish red next then a wide tan print border. I still don't have a person in mind for this one so it will just get quilted and set aside until the "right" person comes along.


Anonymous said...

I love the fabrics, and it's really looking like cobblestones now!

Pat said...

It looks really nice and the color of the floor actually is making a pretty border right now in that photo!!! Sorry the movie wasn't as good as you'd hoped.