Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sunday Happenings

Hi everyone....
The snow stopped and the sun came out so I'm thinking I may not have a day off from work tomorrow. How sad is that? From now on, no snow on Friday into Saturday...I want a darn day off from work!!!
I had a nice comment on the start of my log cabin quilt "I think you blocks aged very well in the zip lock baggie, the quilt will be beautiful. How do you finish a quilt during the Super Bowl?
The what??????? Just kidding.... I will watch baseball, which I love, I will watch basketball if it's on and I'm sewing, but football? Uh...I don't think so..... My son played football freshman year in HS and I went to every home game they had.....BUT, I went with other mothers that didn't understand or like the game and we sat and talked the whole time. Don't even ask me scores or what went on on the field . I WILL watch Carrie Underwood sing the national anthem but then I'll switch to HGTV or FoodNetwork...
Stay tuned...I'll have the log cabin quilt finished in about an hour or so.

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