Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sunday Update

I started working on the embroidery part of this "Truly Scrumptious" block of the month probably 2 summers ago. I was doing quite well on finishing them but for some reason everything came to a screeching halt, and all I had to finish was a tiny bit of embroidery on the last block.....I finally decided that enough was enough on the procrastinating, just git er done! So, I pulled out the block that needed the embroidery, finished it up and then put the border around the block. Why I procrastinate sometimes just blows my mind. So, now the rows are connected and ready for a border....I'm just not sure what type I want to put on it.
On another note, has anyone seen "Time Travelers Wife"?
I actually started to read the book but found it to be a little confusing so I stopped and figured I'd just see the movie when it comes out. Last night after sewing for a while I popped it in the DVR and sat back to watch. I was just as confused with the movie as I was with the book. Too much jumping around for me. Anyone else feel that way?


Terry said...

Your Truly Scrumptious blocks look great! I'm glad you finished the last one up! :0)

I started reading The Time Traveler's Wife too and then stopped. Now I'm half afraid to bother seeing the movie if it's confusing too. And the previews looked so good too! :0/

Robin said...

Great job on the Truly Scrumptious quilt Peg!!! You're giving me incentive to finish mine! LOL

ranette said...

You know how I love those Truly Scrumptious get the border on, pronto!

I wasn't thrilled with the movie at all, but my 16 year old daughter LOVES it!!!

Pat said...

Your stitchery looks wonderful. I heard from several that The Time Traveler's Wife was confusing, so I never attempted it...either in book form or the movie.

Yvette said...

Your blocks are fantastic! They really came out adorable.

I listened to The Time Travelers Wife on audio. I had to rewind in a couple of places, it was confusing.

Anonymous said...

These stitcheries are so cute, so perfectly done, and I love them!

The Other Barb said...

this is a very nice quilt. the colors, the stitiching..all so pretty.

I wanted to see the Time Travelers Wife. The previews looked so interesting. hmmm maybe not the best thought :( I stopped watching the show LOST 'cause I got "lost".

Liz said...

Peggy, I LOVE the colors in your fabrics. They just surround the embroidered blocks so nicely. Great job on getting this ufo to the next stage.