Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Is this kit cute or what?

I saw this kit on the Fat Quarter Shop's website last week and resisted ordering it for about a whole minute but then I just couldn't resist. The kit not only comes with the SPRING FEVER charm pack, it comes with the white fabric, the blue print for the border, the pink binding and the whit print for BACKING!!! How many kits do you see that you fall in love with but when you add the backing it takes up your whole monthly budget? Well gals, this one has the backing included.... You need to head on over to the FQ Shop and order will not be disappointed!!!

Now, some of you might say "I thought you were not shopping but trying to finish up what you had in the sewing room?" And I will tell you, I am working on my BPF Challeng projects. Of the 12 on my list, I am working on # 6. I totally finished the Fig Tree quilt, have it quilted, bound, and washed, the black/white/turquoise quilt is quilted and the binding is on, just needs tacking down, the snack quilt and the TB stars are both out to the quilters as we speak, the Christmas Brick Walk is 85% done, just needs a final border then it too can get quilted, and last but not least, my 26 Log Cabins are ready to be assembled. I decided on a simple setting for them last night and am going to start assembling the rows today.
I'm just going to set them in rows alternating the green and red blocks then depending on how big it finishes up, I'll either put 1 wide or 2 wide borders. I have no one in mind for it but I've decided that I'd assemble anything I have and have them all done "just in case".
Now, you don't have to email me and tell me that the last block in row 4 needs flipping, Michelle already took care of that. I flipped it AFTER I took the picture.
So, I'm off to get the assembly started.


Conni said...

Can't wait to see what you make with the new kit! It looks to be a real cutie. Congrats on getting so many of your UFO's finished!

Anonymous said...

How welcome is that spring kit on a day when more feet of snow are predicted here in south Jersey. Are you ready, Peg. Too bad it probably won't give you a snow day. The log cabin is going to be spectacular! It's my favorite block, and you did a great job on it.

Anonymous said...

Oooppss...that doesn't read right. More snow is predicted later tomorrow and into the weekend, not today. Just getting it right. ;)

Pat said...

I am glad Michelle was on the ball and told you about that flipped block!!! LOL The spring kit is wonderful.....and spring is a WELCOME word right about now. I am NOT wanting this storm they are predicting on the weekend....ENOUGH, already!!!

The Other Barb said...

I love the log cabin look but have only done one quilt with it. This one is very pretty.
this Spring kit is a great buy!So "Springy"

Laura-IH said...

You resisted a whole minute? I am impressed! ; )