Saturday, March 13, 2010

Another Table Topper

I was on a roll last week with my St. Patrick's Day fabric....seriously though, how can a blue eyed Irishman NOT have St. Patrick's Day decorations? So, after I made my daughter her runner I took the scraps and made myself one
I have a square table and really like the look of a chinese coins topper so that's usually what I make for myself. No M&M's though for me, I tend to use a candle more often since I don't need the temptation of M&M's!!!


Pat said...

I like the look of this a lot. I think I may make some Chinese coin toppers....haven't done any before and I like the look of them, too. Maybe I need to drag out some Easter fabric....quickly.....LOL

Cindy said...

I really like it since I too love the chinese coins.

Peggy said...

It is great, really smart looking. From one Irish girl to the other.