Saturday, March 13, 2010

Two More Finishes and a fixed car

Yes, I've been a very busy girl today. I have 2 more finishes on my UFO list. I blogged about this top while I was assembling it and now it's been quilted, bound, washed and labeled and ready to be given to a deserving person. Each block is 15 inches so it finished up to be a decent size quilt.
Next on my UFO list was an Easter tabletopper. I did the embroidery on this one probably this time last year and don't even ask me why it took so long to put the 2 borders on and then just stitch in the ditch because it took probably 2 hours from start to finish today, and that included hand basting the binding down....but now it's done and ready for the table after I take up the St. Patrick's Day topper.

And last but not least....back in December my Explorer got crunched and ultimately spent 6 or 7 weeks in the body, not because it had a lot of damage, but because not only did the body have to get fixed, I decided that I didn't like the khaki greenish/gray color that it was so the shop repainted it for me in a nice blue. I am so thrilled at having my car back and also with the color. Life is good again here at Casa Aront! Now to make sure I park out in the open and not near any trees when we go to Indiana in May for retreat....We don't want a repeat of the hurricane damage like last year, right Conni?


Pat said...

LOVE that star quilt and your car looks just fabulous!!!

Robin said...

Great job on the quilts, girlie!! I just love those TB stars!!! And I cant' wait to see your truck in person for retreat!

Conni said...

Yep!! You can get one of the "exclusive" center-of-the-parking lot, no trees-or-other-objects-in-sight spaces that Laura and I have reserved!! Love the Easter topper!!

Laura-IH said...

Oh, Peg! I didn't know your car got crunched! : (

I agree with Conni, the three of us get exclusive parking! I love the new color!

The star quilt is wonderful, too!

Anonymous said...

You are so good at embroidery, Peg. I especially love the little tabletopper.