Sunday, March 21, 2010

Bunny Runner

Since today was National Quilting Day I thought I'd do my part and sew a few projects.

I finished an Easter runner I was making for my daughter's coffee table. It will replace the St. Patrick's Day runner I showed last week . I have had this pattern probably 2 or 3 years...and what's crazy is I made myself a kit at the time because I was able to find almost the exact same fabrics that were on the front of the pattern! What took me so long is anyone's guess, but once I started working on it the process went fairly quick.
I also finished sewing the borders on a charity top that I need for the retreat I mentioned earlier today. I got it pressed, sandwiched and pinned. I'm hoping to get it quilted until then, no picture!


Anonymous said...

Fairly quickly for you, Peg...I'd still have been stitching well into the night. Very cute, and the way the floppy carrot tops curl forward is a finishing touch.

Pat said...

Cute runner!

Kim said...

I know how easy it is to put things off even when you have a kit organized. Do it all the time, lol. This is too cute! Your daughter will love it. :-D