Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Halloween Oreos

It's 4:00....Do you have a daily routine?
I leave work around 3:00 and after I get home and check the mailbox for packages, I change out of work clothes and throw on sweats and sneakers. THEN, I make a cup of tea and have a teeny tiny snack to hold me over till 6:00 when I have dinner.
Today's snack are Halloween Oreo's....They have to be the BEST snack ever. Have you tried them yet??? If not, stop, grab your car keys and get out to the store right now!!!


The Other Barb said...

I love Oreo cookies ( double suff kind) in any flavor!

Conni said...


Pat said...

OOOOO....I love them, too. Do you break them apart and eat each half separately or do you leave them whole and eat them that way? (I do both...which means I need to eat several at one time, so I can do both ways of eating them...a couple of times each way....LOL)

Heidi said...

Just used some to make Halloween Oreo Balls (