Monday, January 17, 2011

Hometown Christmas

Has anyone made their quilt from this pattern?
I bought this kit in 2004!!!! I hadn't even opened the package until recently, and even then I just washed them and put them in a basket on the shelf.
I got a nudge yesterday from Robin who found her kit while moving stuff around in her sewing room, who in turn told me I should email Michelle and see if she wanted to join in on the fun, and of course she said yes....She's had the patterns forever and wanted to do this so now Michelle has to collect up the proper fabrics and get organized so she can join us.
I think we'll do it like a BOM so we can continue to do other monthly committments and keep up with our 2011 UFO list as well.

Does anyone out there have a kit of this project or some of the fabrics? Want to swap for something else I might have so we can hook Michelle up?????



Conni said...

This looks like fun! I have several of my Thimbleberries projects on my UFO list. Hoping to get them done by June!

Anonymous said...

Can't help Peg, but I'm sure you will find a way. Good luck, they look like lovely fabrics.

Renee said...

Sorry, I just found this post. I have this whole kit, also sitting on a shelf. I have two sets of the books and one complete kit. If you are still interested in trading for your friend, just drop me a line.