Saturday, April 16, 2011


This is what I did tonight because I just couldn't decide on a project to start.......

Have you been following out there in blogland the talk about the Denyse Schmidt fabric that is supposed to be in Joanns Fabrics starting tomorrow? Seems a lot of the people out there already have some. I was in a Joanns tonight after dinner looking for a template and asked the manager of the store if they were getting any and I got the "blank" stare. I thought she'd have looked in the computer but that wasn't offered. I wasn't sure I'd buy any but I wanted to see what the line looked like and how it felt.
What's the opinion of anyone that bought it? We don't have a local Joanns so I won't be rushing out to get it anytime soon, just curious.


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Robin said...

Great string blocks Peg!!! and to think you were once a scrap-tosser!! You've come a long way baby! lol