Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sunday Afternoon

Do you remember this pinwheel project? It's called Chocolate and Cream but I'm trying to clean out all my older Thimbleberries fabrics and make room in my cabinets so my Chocolate and Cream is going to be Scrappy and Cream.
I need 314 assorted pinwheels!!! That's a lotta pinwheels but it will also use up a ton of my stash...gotta love using up the stash.

I worked on this project a little bit in January I think, or it could have been February but then I had other projects that needed to be done.
I stopped at 126 blocks but then this morning I decided that I needed to do some more on it because I don't have a fabric color picked out for the setting fabric. The designer used brown obviously but I'm thinking I might like red......after all, it is my favorite color!
So, here are the 126 pinwheels all lined up..... and here's today's pile of triangulations waiting to be ripped and put with the others so I can figure out how many more I need to sew up and decide what color fabric would go the best with mine. Off to rip, rip, rip.....

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Conni said...

This will be sooooo pretty, Peg! And I love Triangulations...makes the work so much faster.