Friday, August 19, 2011

OK, this is the last project that I pulled out of the UFO bin.

And don't go thinking this is the last one LOL There are quite a few more....but this one I pulled out because Robin, Michelle and I were all looking at a "Summer Day Sampler" by The Rabbit Factory and I told them that I KNEW I had a row by row quilt SOMEWHERE that just needed the rows sewn together and a border put on it and it's ready to go.....

Maybe this is why I pulled that bin out......hmmmmm

My start row is the 5th from the top. The rabbit, flowers and carrots. This was a row by row exchange with some girls on the Pat Sloan site.

I would be curious to know if any of them did their rows?

I'm not sure this is the way I will lay them out in the end, but the bottom row is super cute...there are little ants crawling around on the watermelon slices and the green grass...... Anyone out there remember being a part of this row by row?



Cardygirl said...

Super cute Peg!

Conni said...

Love this! The applique is so cute!

NancyNoBlogBlogs said...

I love this!!