Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A Finsh and a New Start

I don't know where I've been since I last posted but I'm here now with a finish and a new project started.

This quilt to the left is called "Liberty Ridge". I actually assembled it back in the spring, had it quilted and bound back in the summer but there it sat. I guess the holidays intruded so it sat and waited patiently for a hanging sleeve....after all, I didn't need it till after New years anyway so why rush? Well, the hanging sleeve is on, it's been pressed and it's hanging on the wall in my kitchen behind the table.

The new start is with this bundle of fabrics called "Nine Dots" by Carrie Nelson for Miss Rosie's Quilt Company.
The bundle actually fell out of the cabinet on Monday which prompted me to decide on a project for them and get to it!

So, i've had a project in my mind, and even had a picture of it I nabbed from this blog. I'm a HUGE fan of Ohio Star blocks and seeing them again after not making some for a good long time, made me want to be a copy cat :)

So, I washed and ironed the bundle, grabbed some Naturally Naturals II from my stash and cut a couple of them out this afternoon. I think the white with the neutral dots is going to be a nice change from my usual Kona White.

This is definitely supposed to be an in-betweener project that I do along with other ones but sometimes a fabric just grabs my eye and I have to work with it till it's done so I'll keep you posted!


The Other Barb said...

Like your "Liberty Ridge" wall hanging.
Ohio Stars are on of my favorite patterns too. Have fun with the "bundle that fell out of the cabinet" :)

Liz said...

Great bundle, Peggy. That's going to be a great quilt. Love your finish too! Go, Peggy, go!