Friday, July 20, 2012


I actually assembled this quilt at a retreat back in mid November and has had it quilted for quite a while but I put it away while I was reorganizing my sewing room (I think) and never pulled it back out.  Last night I opened the quilt room closet door and lo and behold it fell out at me so I decided that before I did a single thing today that I'd trim it down and get the binding on....but what to use as binding? 

The back of the quilt is the blue snowflakes, but when I threw it up on the design wall I realized it really needs in search of a nice red I went and came up with something I think will work.  It's not actually a polka dot although thats what it looks like from far away, but when you get up close to it the "dots" are actually small hexagons I think.  It's from Karen Snyder "Anna Lena Designs"....

Here's a picture of  the quilting up close.  Michelle did a snowflake in it and it's soooo cute! I'm guessing that because the design is on the larger side that the quilt is already fluffy!  I can only imagine how much fluffier it will get once I finish and wash it.

I don't know what it is with me this year but I have 3 winter/christmas quilts going.....that's like unheard of for me :)

It's another rainy day here at the Jersey Shore...guess I'll sew  :)


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The Other Barb said...

Snowflakes are one of my favorite winter prints. Nice quilt~