Saturday, October 20, 2012


Once the baby quilt was done, backing assembled and pressed and set aside I asked myself "what's next?"
Well, it didn't take long to see that the 2 quilts I had quilted back this summer needed binding on them so I started with a red and white sampler.  Pulled out a nice red and white candy cane stripe, cut the strips and started attaching.  Got it all done and then decided that before I put the next quilt binding on that I should make a hanging sleeve for my elves quilt.  That's when I realized.......I need a 10 step program!

First off, it's another red and white project, the border on both was a red and white scrappy piano key, and the binding was the exact same red and white fabric....  Yes, I need help.  Is there a program out there for girls like me that pick the same thing over and over again?   ----------> sampler border and binding.

And don't you know, I was browsing on a blog or Pinterest this week and what do you think I found?  Yes, a red and white snowball quilt....and I want to make that now....


The Other Barb said...

I'm guessing you are partial to "red & white" lol
Makes me want to make something "red & white".
Great finishes!

Liz said...

Poor Peggy. If you find a program, see if you get a group discount! lol They're pretty quilts!!