Friday, April 5, 2013

2 Finishes

I don't know if I can consider both of these project "new" finishes but the first one is my Bonnie Hunter 2012 Mystery "Easy Street".  I did finish the assembly back on January 13th and immediately sent it off for quilting but I really did drag my feet on tacking down the binding.....but, last night I finished that and it's ready for delivery to my favorite niece for her new apartment. 

This next project is definitely a "new" project.  Back on the 25th & 26th of March I attended a 2 day Pat Speth workshop down at my friend Michelle's guild. 
"Heritage Trail" was the first day's class.  There was quite a variety of fabrics used that day.  I used "Serenata" by Samantha Walker for Riley Blake. 
I'd originally thought I'd do a twin size but after getting enough blocks assembled for a lap size I decided I'd stop right there and make it that size. 

I've made a lot of quilts over the years...some I love so much (like the Easy Street) that I wonder how I could ever give it away and then there are some I just say "ack-it's ok".  This quilt is one of those that I don't know how I feel about it.  I'm going to reserve judgement until after I see it quilted and bound.....

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The Other Barb said...

Congrats on a "total" finish of Easy Street. Mine is still hanging around waiting to be sandwiched, etc..One of these days. My Orca Bay is also waiting. Not to mention a few other random quilt tops. LOL

I really like the other quilt you did!I think it's pretty !!