Monday, April 29, 2013

April 27, 2013

Dad, Mom, Jen & Tim

      All I have to say is "someone" was looking down on my daughter on her wedding day and I am grateful for it. The sun was out all day Saturday and Sunday and she couldn't have looked prettier or asked for anything more.
      I'm exhausted!!!!!!!!!!! I haven't laughed or danced as much as I did on Saturday and as everyone told me, take it all in....well, I think I did.  Thank heaven for facebook and phones with cameras.  I have been reliving the wedding day over and over as people post pictures. 
      Here are just 2 of my favorite pictures that I grabbed from one of the many facebook pages...thank you to all of you!

Sarah, Jen and Dan

 Here they are sealing the deal  :)

And now....for the first time as husband and wife.....Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Jasovsky!

May you have a long and happy life!!!!


Cardygirl said...

Beautiful pics...glad it all went so well!

kutiequilter said...

Lovely pictures! Weddings are such fun. Our daughter is getting married at the end of the summer. Lots of memories in the making!

Barbara said...

Aw...beautiful! I get to do this in September with our only daughter. I'm sure I'll be exhausted too!m

Liz said...

I've seen a few online Peggy. Looks like an amazing day for everyone. Congratulations!