Thursday, April 11, 2013

Just Binding My Own Business

     People that know me know that I am not that fond of the actual tacking down of the binding on quilts.  I've definitely gotten better, and I actually don't put it off for as long as I used to but it's still my least favorite thing to do in the quilting process.    Well, I recently had 5 or 6 quilts quilted and they've been kind of sitting around waiting to be finished but out of necessity these 2 were done was with me in school and getting done on my break and lunch time, the other was next to the couch and any time I sat to watch tv, I did binding.   The triangle quilt is for the August "boy".  I used every single type of kiddie fabric that I had in my stash with the exception of "pinks and purples that were girly".  I let the pink pigs on black go in because they were pigs after all :) 
     The binding on this one is black and white checkerboard.....I wanted to use my usual black and white polka dot but when I saw how awesome the checkerboard looked I knew I had to change it up......and I'm not sorry I did!!!

     The pink quilt below is for the July "girl" and it might look familiar because earlier in the year I made the exact quilt in muted blues for "James" who was born about a month or so ago.  I'd had 2 kits from a while ago that I knew I needed to use up and get them off the shelf and the perfect opportunity presented itself  :)
     Thank you Mother Nature for a beautiful day yesterday so I could get some decent pictures of the quilts!!!

So, here's the question of the day......Do you wash baby quilts before you give them to the expectant mother or tell her that it is unwashed and she can use her own favorite baby detergent on it?  


Conni said...

Great quilts, Peggy! I love the triangle one. I rarely wash my quilts before giving them.

Carolyn said...

I love all the quilts. The checkerboard is a really fun binding. I usually let the recipient wash the quilt for the first time.

kutiequilter said...

Love the checkerboard binding! Too cute!
I wash all my quilts before giving(I don't prewash my fabrics) so I throw a couple of color catchers by Shout in just to be sure. Have had a few surprises! Also I like the crinkle that washing gives. If I don't get to prewash I give color catchers with the quilt. :-)

Helen McNaught said...

Yes, I'm with kutiequilter!! I wash all quilts in a gentle baby friendly detergent (with colour catchers) then I tumble dry. I'm fortunate to own a wonderful iron that has a blower on the board, so I can steam the quilt once before gifting it. I also include about 4 colour catchers in a little gift box with washing instructions. I also put the washing instructions on the label. I started doing this when the new Mum would ask "can I use it straight away?" ..... so now I can say "YES" it's all washed and ready to go!

Helen McNaught said...

Oh bother!!! I meant to say "gorgeous quilts" !! I love the triangle one and the checkerboard one... oh well, I love them all!!!

Samantha said...

I love them both! I am pretty sure that the August boy's Momma is going to love it!!

The Other Barb said...

I love the idea of a triangle baby quilt. Might have to do that sometime.

I don't wash my quilts before giving them away.

Like you play on words in your post's title. Very clever !