Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Two Finishes

Here are 2 small kiddie size quilts I finished including the binding and washing them to get the desired "crinkly" effect

This "bright" quilt is made from a pattern that my local quilt shop owner designed herself and she calls it "Bricks and Stepping Stones".  I've probably made about half a dozen of these over the past few years.  They're fun and easy and as you can see, you can use scraps from your stash or even use one particular line. 
Now...the interesting thing about the backing:
Can you read that selvage?  1999?????  It's a Mary Lou Weideman green yellow and black stripe that I've had in my stash for YEARS!!!  The piece was perfect for the backing and I used STASH!!
I have another piece that's a red stripe exactly like this one....I'll have to make another kiddie quilt to use that up!
Then there's the zig zag.  I used a pink and white stripe for the binding which was perfect for this one and it washed up very nicely.  I still have quite a bit of this fabric line left in my stash so I'm sure I'll be making another quilt soon.....


Barbara said...

Loving these even more than on FB now with the additional details. You have inspired me to look harder at salvages! Yay for pursuing the crinkly effect. I do that too! Still loving that zig zag and the color combination in it.

Cardygirl said...

Great quilts...love the use of stash too!