Saturday, December 17, 2016

The Gifts

     My husband retired 1 year ago this week and although I know he's tired of watching Paw Patrol and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, I KNOW he's happy he's home and enjoying our time together.
We've gone on vacations, short day trips, shows in NYC and then in October our daughter had her 2nd daughter which has added to the "chaos and busy-ness of Casa Aront" but all in all neither of us would trade this for anything......

     Gone but not forgotten though doesn't apply to his secretary at work.  When she heard we were going to be grandparents again she got the Mister to working on something special.  On Wednesday we drove the hour to his old office and here's what we brought home with us.......
This toy box is one of the most beautiful I've ever seen.....

And here's a picture of Gemma in the morning before we left to go......

She's just as beautiful as her mother and big sister Olivia....a little more vocal than we'd like LOL but all in all a beautiful baby.

OH, and speaking of's a really cute shot of her that morning.  What is up with that hair?

And not to leave out our other "baby" is my great niece Shelby sitting in Olivia's high chair helping me make soup LOL   Mama Shannon was getting her hair cut so this cutie kept me company.

She is the spitting image of her mother! a thank you for our new toy box, I gifted Roe and Kim with this quilt

and a gift card for Kim to get some supplies for a new toy box for Shelby......but we're not expecting that till the summer for her birthday!

Off to sew on the Step 4 units of my Quiltville Mystery!


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