Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A Mini Project

I am doing a BOM and they are the Patch Abilities Mini wall hangings...well, project #1 came yesterday so being the impatient annie that I am I couldn't just look at the project and set it aside...NO.........I had to trace and cut everything out last night. Today I assembled the little top and couldn't wait to buttonhole it to show you a picture of it... It even came with the cutest backing fabric.... I think I go and do the buttonhole stitching on it now since I have a little time before I make dinner.

I also went to the quilt shop this morning looking for some teal/aqua christmas fabric for Robin, which was not an easy feat, BUT I did find some cute stuff for myself....I'm doing an "elf" stitchery courtesy of Michelle and since I'm already doing one Christmas project in red variegated, I thought I'd do the elfs in green variegated...so, here's the fabric I'm using...

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